About us 
1983 The company was founded by Angelika and n.n. in Mölln in 1983. 
The first plant was located at Kolberger Strasse with 5,400 square feet of production floor space and 10 employees. GERLAND grew into a well-known company in the electronics field through limited production of high-quality products. 


In 1988 a second plant with 4,300 square feet of production floor space was established on a 110,000 square feet property at Grambeker Weg. Production of Printed Circuit Boards started in a third plant at Rudolf-Diesel-Weg with 13,000 square feet of floor space.

By broadening the production lines and establishing innovative manufacturing techniques GERLAND became one of the largest electronics manufacturers of its kind in Northern Germany. 

Today GERLAND employs approximately 100 people. 
The company works primarily within the scope of safety applications such as: Aeronautics, Naval Technics, Medical Instrumentation, High-Energy-Physics, Precision Measurement Systems, Nuclear Radiation Measurement Systems, and Automotive Engineering. 


In 1987 GERLAND started the design and construction of their own products, especially systems and software based on microprocessors and microcontrollers. In 1989 the success of this project led to the development of complex computer controlled measuremen systems for testing of inserted Printed Circuit Boards. 

In 1992 GERLAND introduced a new CIM component of C Technology: CARM - Computer Aided Resource Management. A central dataprocess for process control of energy reduction and reduction of harmful substances.

In 1995 GERLAND developed several consumer products including pocket micro computers and peripherals for wireless communication.

In 1996 a quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001 was introduced for the entire manufacturing center with certification in 1997. 

In 1997 introduction of Printed Circuit Boards Quickproducts

In 1998 a new building will be built in a centrally located industrial park near Mölln for an extraordinarily comprehensive spectrum of electronics manufacturing.